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Questions people ask


What is the Alexander Technique ?

It is a method of developing practical skill in learning how to make the best use of your body. It can help you prevent or alleviate conditions of poor health.

For the healthy it can enhance performance in work, sports, music and the performing arts. The Alexander Technique encourages poise, vitality and freedom of movement. It is a mindfulness-based discipline.


How can the Technique help me ?

The Alexander Technique addresses the fundamental causes of many medical conditions such as back pain, neck and shoulder tension, RSI, breathing disorders, stress related illnesses and general fatigue where poor body use and loss of poise are contributory factors.

With the Technique, you will learn how to move and hold yourself better throughout everyday activities. The skills performed in your work or leisure pursuits can be greatly improved: from sitting at a computer or giving presentations, through to digging the garden or playing a round of golf.


How does it work ?

Essentially the Technique teaches you how to engage the natural support systems of the body so that you learn to sit, stand, walk and move more easily and effortlessly. The Technique helps to relieve muscular tension and fatigue by changing the poor postural habits that we have developed. Such postural habits might include hunching over tables and desks; slumping into chairs and over tensing the neck, arms and shoulders during keyboard work.


How can I learn ?

The Alexander Technique is taught through a series of weekly one-to-one lessons with a qualified teacher. During the lessons the teacher works gently with her hands to encourage new patterns of movement which, with words of instruction, help to release inappropriate tension and allow the body to become better aligned and balanced. The number of lessons you require depends on your particular needs and goals. The lessons last approximately 30-40 minutes and although no special clothing is required, trousers and loose fitting clothes are preferable.


How do I start?

Go to the Contact page to book your introductory lesson.
The Introductory lesson is 40 minutes and costs £50. The follow on lessons are 40 minutes and cost £50.

Introductory workshops on the Technique are also available periodically (see More.. page).