Chichester Harbour

About the Teacher

Sally Rughani is a very experienced teacher having been involved in the Technique for over 30 years, first taking lessons and then deciding to train as a teacher in 1991. She successfully qualified in 1994 after completing a three-year, full time training course in London, approved by STAT.

As a graduate in Sports Science & Physical Education from Loughborough University, she found the Technique a natural progression from her interest in movement, posture and stress management.Sal!

"I have been teaching the Technique for the past 28 years and I decided to train as a teacher after becoming convinced that the benefits of learning the Technique withstood the test of time.

For me the Alexander Technique transformed my posture from a tired slumping body into an effortless upright physique. I’d longed to sit without fatigue and envied the elegance and poise in those who could sit without slumping and collapsing. You would have expected a graduate of Sports Science and Physical Education to have good posture, but no one knew how to teach a basic co-ordinated use of the body that overcomes the common habit of collapsing and slumping the back.

Having Alexander lessons completed my understanding of the body and it taught me how to really use myself well and efficiently, the way it was truly designed to work.

Since qualifying I have also taught many others to radically change the way they use their bodies. I feel very fortunate to be involved in this enjoyable work."